Building — 47B Lofts


The 47B Loftid is a 6-storey residential and commercial building, with commercial areas on the ground floor, an elegant furnished lobby, bicycle storage, technical rooms and storerooms. The apartments and their storerooms are located on the 2nd to 6th floors. The rooftop terraces are accessed via an elevator.


The building’s load-bearing frame will be constructed of reinforced concrete with stiffening walls laid of concrete blocks. Hollow panels with monolithic seams will be used in the construction of the floors’ intermediate ceilings.

The building has an autonomous gas boilers and water based underfloor heating.


The building's outer look will change to one befitting a modern apartment building. The building's facades will be covered with large glass surfaces and a decorative facade coating, in addition to unique balcony solutions, terraces and rooftop terraces on the upper floors.

The street-facing facade protrudes forward between floors 2 to 4, and recedes backward on the 5th and 6th floor. The main facade coating material is pre-rusted steel divided by large glass windows and glass balconies. The courtyard-facing facade is finished with dark plaster. On the 5th and 6th floor, the facade takes a step back to make room for spacious terraces. Most of the apartments facing the courtyard have private balconies.


The building will receive a new modern high-quality interior finishing. The apartments are sold in a finished state. The selection includes two standard packages and three premium packages. The premium packages are available for an additional fee.


The courtyard will be tidied up and have lighting installed. There are many parking spaces behind the building for bicycles as well as cars. There is a bicycle storage in the building and every apartment has a designated storeroom.